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Hi, I am Haley and I am an Internationally Certified Holistic Health Coach and wellness guru in Denver, Colorado. My passion is to empower people to be conscious and educated on what they put into their bodies. The more we know about products, businesses, and food, the better choices that we will make. I am continuously striving to find cleaner alternatives to my daily life and want to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to achieve their wellness potential too.

Quick About me: I grew up in Iowa, completed my degree at the University of Denver, and moved to Santa Monica, California to work in Public Relations. Moving to Los Angeles was eye opening in many ways, and it brought me a genuine appreciation of the abundance that the Midwest has to offer. The West Coast glorified farmers markets which was something I was not used to growing up.  I attended weekly farmer's markets at the Brentwood Farmer’s market where I loved discovering farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs and people who were producing incredible products & produce for their communities. I finally understood and appreciated simplicity, fresh produce, ethically sourced ingredients, and desire for transparency in our everyday products. My life brought me back to Denver now, where I am a health advocate! 

My mission is to share wellness trends, motivate behavioral changes and drive awareness in the choices that you make for you and your families.  I value wellness, self-care and a commitment to consistency to truly feel incredible.  

I can't wait for you to join me on your health journey! Follow along as I share tips for us to become WELL-OFF, together.


Haley Dickman


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