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Our main drive is to help you understand the “why” behind your desired change and outline an attainable method that helps you achieve those results. We provide guidance, accountability and support as we work alongside you to empower growth. Our approach is simple, as we outline and analyze your current patterns of movement, nutrition, stress management, sleep and more. 

One of the first steps in the process is motivating yourself to make a change and you’ve already made it this far! Our work together is customized to fit your specific needs, goals and challenges. With our support, we will help you integrate small changes, healthy alternatives and conscious choices into your daily routine.

Now we start navigating a lifestyle where you truly feel Well-off. 

As a certified holistic health coach, we aim to be your strategic partner in your health journey. 

1:1 Health Coaching

Lets normalize having a coach- we need therapists for emotional change, we need trainers for physical change and we need health coaches for behavioral changes. 

Invest in yourself with our tailored health coaching services. Diets and quick weight loss tips cause stress, anxiety and restriction to our mind + body- there is no quick fix to your overall well-being. The transformation that you wish to see is a lifestyle adoption and a commitment to yourself for sustainable success! Manifest your change, find consistency in the practice and make it happen with my support by signing up for one of our packages below. 

personalized support so you reach your goals faster

What to Expect

Personalized Guidance

Mindful Coaching

Accountability Partner

 Empowered Confidence

Wellness Expert

select a package:

  • 1 hour- Intention Call
  • 1 hour- 1:1 sessions (2/month)
  • Holistic Health Plan
  • Customized Weekly Meal Plan: 2 days of menu building + planned grocery lists
  • Unlimited guidance and support via email
  • Personalized wellness recommendations: fitness classes, resources, restaurants & more

Well-Off Foundations

6 months • $150/mo

  • 45 minute: Intention Call
  • 45 minute- 1:1 sessions (2/month)
  • Holistic Health Plan
  • Personalized wellness recommendations: fitness classes, resources, restaurants & more

Well-Off Basics

3 months • $175/mo

  • 30 minute: Intention Call
  • 30 minute: 1:1 session (2/month)
  • Wellness Journal (PDF)
  • Personalized wellness recommendations: fitness classes, resources, restaurants & more

Well-Off Intro

1 month • $200/mo

Make the workplace a healthier space. Offer your leaders and employees a health coach as a wellness incentive for your company.

We will create a customized wellness plan and package for your business based on your needs.

Please reach out for more information.

Corporate Wellness

customized packages

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