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How To Improve Your Gut Health

For us, it’s about feeling our best self. Intuitively we know when something is off in our body- we feel sluggish, we feel constantly bloated, or we feel our bowel movements are not consistent. Days and months pass by until we finally get to the point of frustration to honor those symptoms. We want to open up the conversation to act on your gut feeling and support your gut health.


We always thought it was vital to get our nutrients through nutrient dense meals, however, we came to realize that we needed a little more support than just the foods we were putting in our body. After months of feeling constantly bloated, taking multiple celiac tests and running various bloodwork without data-proven results we knew we had to start with our gut.


All kinds of diet and lifestyle components affect the gut like alcohol, poor sleep hygiene, wheat and added sugars so it’s important to be aware of these driving factors when you start to feel symptoms. Most all disease starts in your gut, so it’s one of the most important areas of the body to focus on. The gut-microbiome is filled with bacteria, fungi and viruses that naturally live within us. The bacteria in our gut health balances our immune system, promotes skin health, aids digestion, protect against diseases and produces essential vitamins for us. We want to have a healthy balance of both the good and bad bacteria to help our body defend itself. 


That’s when SEED entered the conversation. After weeks of searching for the best probiotic on the market and reading through reviews, we started taking SEED’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic as it is backed by scientific data and human studies. SEED provides us with a high-quality supplement that doesn’t consist of any fillers, preservatives and especially no hidden ingredients. While the product does not prevent disease, it’s an instant boost for your microbiome and an excellent source for a well-researched prebiotic & probiotic. 


After trying seed for 30 days, we immediately noticed the impact and consistency that it had on our gut. We noticed our bloat minimize, our immune system getting stronger and found our food moving through us more regularly. If you’re on the hunt for a probiotic, we suggest incorporating this supplement into your daily vitamins or asking your doctor for a recommendation that is right for you.


Use my code “WELLOFFCO” for 15% off your first month’s supply of @seed’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic.


Let us know in the comments if you give them a try!



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